Automate Outlook Configuration for Office 365

During a migration project, manually configuring Outlook clients to point to Office 365 can be a painstaking, tedious process. With BitTitan’s DeploymentPro, that process becomes entirely automated, and made possible through a few simple steps from a single web-based interface. Using DeploymentPro requires no technical knowledge, and turns a tedious manual process into a seamless, easy transition.

Want to learn how it’s done? Read on!

As a BitTitan customer, you need a robust solution to automatically reconfigure Outlook clients when migrating to Office 365. Having to manually reconfigure each desktop to point to Office 365 Outlook setup is a time-consuming and error-prone process, and BitTitan can help you automate it. Using DeploymentPro you can:

  1. Upload a list of users
  2. Send email reminders to download a switch agent
  3. Monitor deployment of the agent on each user’s computer
  4. Initiate reconfiguration of Outlook profiles to point to Office 365
  5. Optionally, allow users to set a password for their new Office 365 mailbox

Our first version of the switch agent was built using Qt technology. Even though this technology is designed specifically for cross-platform portability, we encountered several limitations such as some instability on legacy OS platforms, a large download footprint, etc. We’ve learned from this experience and decided to re-implement our switch agent using a different technology (MFC). We’re proud to announce that the new version offers the following benefits:

  1. Very small download footprint
  2. More reliable downloads
  3. Improved portability across OS platforms
  4. Robust handling of network errors
  5. Advanced logging and troubleshooting

Essentially, the workflow consists of the following steps:

  1. Send Email Request to Users. Each user receives an email with a private, secure download link. If users do not take action, reminder emails are sent.
  2. Let Users Download Agent. The agent is only a few megabytes and does not require administrative permissions to install. Other distribution options (ex: share, group policy, etc.) are also available.
  3. Review Agent Installation Status. Each agent reports its status back real-time so you can monitor who has downloaded the agent and whether it is running, and send reminders.
  4. Switch to Office 365. You can now ask the agent to reconfigure Outlook and point to the Office 365 mail server. This can be done early during AM hours, allowing Outlook to sync content to its offline mode cache.

Each computer and user environment is unique and offers different challenges. The new version of DeploymentPro has been designed to be compact, compatible with more environments, and more resilient.

Here is the workflow used by DeploymentPro to accomplish your goal – easy reconfiguration of desktops and Microsoft Outlook: (click to enlarge)


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