Easy Label Conversions for Migrations from Google Apps to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Google migrations necessitate a change in the way you organize your mailbox data. With your switch to a Microsoft based email service you will need to acclimate to a folder-based organization method in your new environment. So, how do your labels from Google Apps work into this? We convert them! You can easily set-up the conversion to folders or categories during the migration process by using simple steps below.

After you identify the source and destination system, you will be directed to a page that allows you to configure advanced mailbox connector options. Because you have selected Google Apps as your source system, you will see a tab that gives you advanced options specific to Google. Once you select the tab you will be able to specify what you would like done with your Google labels.

mailbox connector advanced options Label Conversions

Option 1 (recommended default)

MigrationWiz gmail options

This option will convert all of your labels to folders. By selecting the option to convert labels to folders, you will have a folder created in your new Exchange environment for every label you have in Google. If you have flagged messages with duplicate labels we will create copies of those messages and populate each label assigned to the message with a copy of the email — this includes the/All Mail folder.

Migrating to an Exchange mailbox, one possibility would be to create a copy of each email under each folder. This matches what some users are accustomed to seeing. It also means that storage increases by a factor of 3. The All Mail folder will contain a duplicate of all emails. Exchange will store each instance as a separate copy.

/All Mail

Moving forward, when migrating the /All Mail folder, we will by default only migrate emails that do not reside in other folders. In other terms, only archived emails (i.e. without a label) will be migrated to the /All Mail folder. This means you’ll end up with only 2 copies in Exchange (since you applied 2 labels, each mapping to one Exchange folder):

Option 2
MigrationWiz gmail options 2
The second option consists of migrating only emails in the /All Mail folder and converting the labels into categories. So, all messages will be one folder with tags representing their previous labels. Any emails without a label will be moved into the Exchange category “Archive”. For example:
MigrationWiz labels
This option will result in less duplication and use less storage in your new mail environment.

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