It’s time to #EndAnnoyingWork

Even with today’s technology and tools, there are still big problems facing you as an engineer.

These problems keep you from reaching your full potential — no matter how hard you work to deliver for your customers. They can’t be solved by adding migration workloads or even introducing new tools for managed services.

We know this because we’ve heard it from you and felt it ourselves. We put extraordinary demand on you to make the most of tools that often fall short.

At BitTitan, we don’t want to just help you deliver better. We want to help you work better.

Let’s take on these challenges and #EndAnnoyingWork.

1. It’s hard to deliver a project the same way, every time.

In the rush to deliver the services customers demand, it’s easy to lose track of every little step that goes into finishing a project. If we knew the best, most efficient way to do every task, we could build and deliver every service with the best practices. Standardization would bring consistency to the process and the project.

2. Tasks aren’t always matched to the right people.

Some engineers are bored by manual tasks while others are buried by the amount of learning and work they have to do. Incorrectly assigned tasks waste time, slow the delivery process, and over or underutilize individuals on teams.

3. Everyone needs updates, but no one wants interruptions.

Keeping everyone updated is time consuming but when teams are blindsided by a problem, everyone suffers. Lack of visibility into the status of tasks and services and poor communication turn small challenges into big problems.

4. Repetitive manual tasks eat time without adding value.

Though repetitive tasks are part of service delivery, they decrease the time available to problem-solve, strategize, and take on more projects. Automation gives you time back, making your job more interesting and your brain happier.

5. Learning new skills take time you don’t have.

You’d like to boost your skill set and offer more value but your bandwidth is already limited by the projects you have. You need a scalable process to level the learning curve.

Want to help us #EndAnnoyingWork?

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