Partner Spotlight: GoCloud Systems & Concierge

Meet GoCloud Systems

gocloud-logo-largeGoCloud Systems of Wellington, New Zealand is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Cloud Specialist in Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics CRM. A fast-growing company, this Modern MSP is focused on strengthening relationships and delivering customer lifetime value in the cloud.

David Brabant, co-founder of GoCloud, has been in IT for over 20 years, riding the waves of the changes in the industry to build a successful business on the cutting edge. “We’re just focused on the cloud,” he explained. “That’s where we want to be. No little old IT man sitting down in the shop somewhere, putting servers on-site—that sort of thing is long gone.”

Fast growth can risk compromising the quality of customer service

While GoCloud’s approach is fueling rapid growth, there are certainly growing pains. Providing top-notch IT support to customers is something that David recognizes as critical to the business, but admits has been one of the last things he’s thought about as resources have thinned.

With GoCloud’s more advanced resources focused on the complex and strategic aspects of growing the business, there is no one dedicated to customer support. That’s why GoCloud signed up with BitTitan Concierge, a 24/7 IT help desk service-as-a-service.

“Concierge makes it really easy for us to grow,” David said. “We can focus on the sales and marketing of the business, putting the technical talent toward development, pre-sales, or demos. We don’t have to employ someone for $50,000 to sit there and wait for a phone call. The customer pays for what they need and we don’t have to worry about it—it’s just dealt with.”

Concierge frees GoCloud from simple support issues so they can focus on profitability

Since Concierge is a white-labeled service, representatives answer calls and emails as an extension of the GoCloud team without the customer any wiser. “One of our directors rang the Concierge number a couple times,” David said, noting the importance of understanding the experience his customers are having. “He had a good chat with the guy that answered, and got really good feedback from them.”

In fact, one customer was so pleased by the Office 365 support they received from GoCloud—actually, Concierge staff—that they’ve referred two other companies to David for additional business. “The customer gets more confidence,” he explained, “Which for me just turns into more sales. It’s great.”

david-brabantWithout the worry of help desk calls interrupting at all hours, David can spend more
quality time with this family. He and his wife are pictured here on holiday at Lake Ferry.

What is GoCloud doing to make the cloud more profitable? David answered:

The directors of GoCloud are very focused on building long-term relationships with customers. For it to be a long-term relationship, it’s got to be a give and take. I don’t think we’ve got the Magic Bullet or anything, but in using something like Concierge, and keeping track of what Microsoft and other companies are providing, it’s a bit clearer what resources are available for us and for our customers.

Get started with Concierge

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