Spend More Time on What Matters with Automation

Stop missing family dinners. Find your guitar pick. Play pretend with your kids. Plan your next trip home.

“When you can save time and effort in the things you have to do, you get more time in the things that you want to do.” – Jason Ross, BitTitan Lead Software Design Engineer


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We all want more time back for the things that matter.

You face a lot of challenges as an engineer and your time gets consumed by tasks that need constant, hands-on attention. But a lot of those tasks aren’t that difficult. Keeping up with their volume, delivering consistently, and finishing them quickly are what makes them challenging.

Manual tasks are a fundamental requirement and fundamentally inefficient. 

In fact, these tasks take too much legwork. You shouldn’t be spending time on work that is below your skill level or that takes you away from true problem solving. This stunts your personal growth and keeps you from using your talent and expertise to love what you do.

What’s more: There’s no reason those same tasks should be what keep you from getting home in the evenings, working on the weekends, and from doing the things you enjoy.

We’re going to change the way you work.

We’re passionate about the power of automation to help us focus on what matters most. We’re not just trying to #EndAnnoyingWork; we’re trying to create solutions that help us all be happier, do more, and reach our full potential.

The challenge of building products that intelligently automate is more than our job—it’s personal.

Jason Ross has worked hard to build software that will do this for our partners. As a developer, father, manager, and mentor, he’s deeply familiar with the challenges of time-consuming, labor-intensive roles.

Join the movement to #EndAnnoyingWork so every day can start and end with the things that matter most.


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