What’s Fueling IT Services Providers?

News flash: Business in the IT industry is growing and thriving. With all the hours and hard work an IT service provider puts into the growth of their business, we wondered how they fueled their ambition. Literally.

Today’s infographic illustrates how much caffeine an IT service provider says they generally drink to fuel their day. Does coffee by the pot keep them going or do most show moderation?

what fuels an IT service provider?

Of the IT professionals polled, two cups of coffee or tea seem to be the limit most of the time. Almost 18 percent have no caffeine, and 20 percent may overindulge a bit, consuming over four cups a day. So, the bottomless coffee or tea cup probably has not much to do with business success and growth. But it’s something to ponder when you’re in line at Starbucks.

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Raj Khera

Raj Khera is an engineer turned entrepreneur. He has built and sold two IT companies and is co-founder of MailerMailer whose award-winning product, Presstacular, enables small IT companies to create and publish email newsletters, security alerts and blogs instantly using a library of professionally written, editable articles. Raj regularly gives webinars on marketing for IT companies and is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, The IT Marketing CrashCourse.

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